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Yeah, I respect your sharp edge blunt approach, but what makes you think that your direct sexual innuendos/advances are going to lure me any closer to you? Is there really something in your mind that makes you think that the more you tell me about how much you want to “sex [me]” that I’m just gonna hop up and say, “alright okay, thanks for telling me. Let’s get to it”. You bettah pick one, and by one I mean a number. 

focus on the good

Positive alternatives

The more you focus on any possibility, the more power and substance you give to it. It is by giving your persistent attention and energy to the possibilities that you make them real.

The same dynamic works for both the desirable and the undesirable possibilities. Whether you strongly fear or strongly desire, the power of your unrelenting attention will work to create whatever you focus upon.

Choose, then, to make your focus a positive one. Instead of living in fear of the bad stuff, live with a persistent desire and appreciation for the good stuff.

Be sincerely thankful for the goodness you already have, and your gratitude will create even more. Imagine in detail how your world can be a better place, and your time and energy will go toward making it so.

Not only does fear itself bring you down, it also enables you to bring yourself down. Avoid all that not by avoiding your fears, but by turning your attention to their positive alternatives.

Your attention has great power. Remember always to focus that power in a desirable direction.

— Ralph Marston



They Are Wearing: Coachella Weekend Two

Make sure you hold on to it (without taking it for granted) when you have it

Make sure you hold on to it (without taking it for granted) when you have it

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Comunque ho ancora sei libri da finire e mille da iniziare, una persona da andare a riprendere, cantanti da incontrare, la mia autostima da riconquistare, un treno da prendere e sette miliardi di occhi da incrociare prima della fine del mondo.

È vero

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The people who make it that much better #friendship #teamaries #itsmybirthday #hbd #happybirthdaytome #akab #roma #italy #italia

The people who make it that much better #friendship #teamaries #itsmybirthday #hbd #happybirthdaytome #akab #roma #italy #italia

Dear lover man

Can’t wait to find you. Find you in the right conversation. To find you in the right balance of come get me and I’m coming for you. Can’t wait to find you in a language that we can both understand. Can’t wait to feel small next to you. Can’t wait to feel like you’re on the exact playing field (not above nor below me).

on the list

on the list